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South American instruments for tradional music of South America.

At the heart of Latin America, its music and its songs


The new LOS KOYAS concert ‘From the Andes to the origins of salsa’ is an extremely varied show intended for all publics during which the most beautiful musical themes and songs from 12 Latin American countries are performed.

As the group’s repertoire includes more than 600 titles, LOS KOYAS also provides tailor-made programs for events, prestige performances, company events, gala dinners, performances in churches or cathedrals and events of an exceptional nature.
A program of Latin American songs and rhythms that can cover the main aspects of the Latin American repertoire (from the great Latin successes to the unknown treasures of South American folklore) or centre on a particular theme (e.g., ‘tropical celebration’ or illustration of a certain region in Latin America) is then planned according to the nature of the event and the desired atmosphere.

In any event, the range of LOS KOYAS’s Latin American repertoire makes it possible to provide a response that is perfectly adapted to any specific request and to present the incredible diversity of musical genres peculiar to the most popular music from around the world.